How to Order

1 - To order your chair you will need to take some important measurements. 

First, choose the right order form (click here) and start by measuring your hip width.  Check out this short film to see how. 

2 - Next, we'll need to know the distance from behind your knee to the heel of your foot.  

Check out this short film to see how to do that.


(Best if you measure wearing the shoes you typically wear even if  you are only sitting.)

Check out this short film to see how to do that.


3 - Now, let's measure from where you are sitting to your shoulder blades. (About 10cm lower than your shoulders.)

The upholstery doesn't really need to be as high as your shoulders. But if you are still in a growth spurt then we'll add another 5-10cm to the height for you to grow into.

4 - There may be accessories that you want or need. 

Some can be very helpful for sitting more easily. (See our Seating and Positioning page for more ideas.)

5 - After you write in the form you can...


...print it and send it to us as a fax (0312 395 6684)

...scan and send it to us as an email (

or the measurements  to us over the over the telephone. +90 312 395 6685


+90 534 400 3450

(Please only call in measurements during working hours when we are prepared to write your information down.)